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Reaching Out to Help People in the Philippines…A Message from Goodwill Industries International

As people in the Philippines struggle to recover from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan on November 15, humanitarian organizations are mobilizing to provide relief to those affected. The caring people that work at Goodwill ® member agencies in the United States, Canada, and 13 other countries including the Philippines, send their thoughts and prayersto the people impacted by the massive storm. As Goodwill’s mission is to generate opportunities for people to achieve economic stability and build strong families and vibrant communities through community-based job training and employment placement programs, we encourage you to contact and support your choice of the following agencies that are providing immediate, broad-based humanitarian relief to the people of the Philippines: “¢ Action against Hunger is an international relief organization that has teams in the Philippines assessing needs and preparing drinking water and survival kits. They are also setting up mobile water treatment plants, bladders for distributing clean water, and emergency pumps and filtration systems. Learn how to fund Action Against Hunger’s direct relief efforts. “¢ Convoy of Hope has mobilized several shipping containers filled with food and supplies to the Philippines, and are deploying a secondary relief team that will bring in 100 water filtration units to help provide clean water. Access a dedicated page for supporting its on-the-ground efforts in the Philippines. “¢ The United Nation’s World Food Program is providing direct relief by mobilizing food supplies for the people of the Philippines. A dedicated donation page will accept contributions for its emergency food distribution efforts in the Philippines. “¢ Global Volunteer Network’s core-competencies revolve around longer term development (rather than crisis intervention). and it is raising funds to help fund a volunteer mission (or missions) once the immediate direct relief efforts have subsided. It is also raising direct relief funds to be distributed through its long-time partner organization in the Philippines “¢ Medical Teams International has resolved to immediately dispatch enough medical kits and supplies to provide basic medicine for 10,000 people over a three month period. “¢ Oxfam America staff members in the Philippines are assessing the extent of the damage from the storm and ready to deploy water and sanitation materials to affected areas. Access a dedicated page for funding relief efforts in response to Typhoon Haiyan. “¢ Team Rubicon is a disaster relief organization comprised primarily of military veterans. These former servicemen and women repurpose their military training to carry out humanitarian relief missions in response to natural disasters. A team of 15 specially qualified Team Rubicon team members are helping facilitate search and rescue efforts and to provide medical triage at a field hospital in Tacloban. GuideStar enables donors to make better decisions by providing comprehensive information about nonprofits. View GuideStar’s Helping Taiphoon Haiyan Survivors to better understand how your donation to disaster relief and recovery efforts in the Philippines can be most effective. NOTE: Please visit www.goodwill.org for on-going updates regarding the Philippines disaster relief effort.