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Leaves Piling Up? Rake in the Savings with Goodwill!

Fall has swept into Cincinnati, and the night air now has a crisp chill. It’s time to ready your outdoor spaces for winter’s bitter sting. Before you get to work, we’ve put together some great ways for you to take care of your yard work on a budget!

Pruning Perennials

Lawn experts say that if you take a few steps in the fall, your life will be much easier when spring rolls around. The first step is pruning your perennials. For this job, you’ll need a variety of pruning shears in different sizes. In a home or hardware store, these can cost anywhere from $6-7 all the way up to more than $100 for pruning saws. But did you know Ohio Valley Goodwill often carries some lawn care tools? That’s right! And you can save big just by purchasing used instead of new!

Look for plastic buckets and other containers at Goodwill to carry lawn waste after you’ve pruned. These supplies are essential for gardeners but don’t need to be expensive “” especially if you can find them at your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store.

Frost Protection

As the weather turns frigid at night, you’ll also want to make sure to cover any remaining vegetables or flowering plants. Find sheets and blankets at Goodwill for much less than buying them brand new and keep them in storage in the garage. Lighter materials will keep your plants safe from frost without weighing them down.

Acclimate Plants to Life Indoors

If you have plants outdoors that you want to bring inside for the winter, you’ll want to slowly introduce them to the change. Most houseplants shouldn’t be left outside once the overnight temperatures dip into the low 40s Fahrenheit.

To prepare your plants, replant them in easily transportable pots. Goodwill’s thrift stores usually stock a variety of pots and other planting containers at low prices. Be sure to pick up a few extras just in case your plants flourish inside and you want to split them before spring!

Start bringing your plants in at night and putting them back out in the morning. Each day, increase the amount of time they’re inside. Over the course of a week or two, your plants will be ready to stay inside full-time.

Finally, be sure to place your plants where they’ll get plenty of sunshine. Thrifted shelving units are perfect for creating a space near a window your plants will love! For outdoor décor, look for things like signs and birdhouses. It’s easy to find amazing home goods at affordable prices when you choose to shop at Goodwill over traditional retail stores.

Best of all, every item you purchase from Goodwill supports our mission to help people with disabilities and local veterans find meaningful work. Simply by shopping at Goodwill, you’re becoming a job creator in your community!

Shop at Goodwill and Fall in Love with the Savings!

If you’re ready to stock up for fall yardwork, find the Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store nearest you. You’ll be glad you put in a little extra effort now for a beautiful lawn and garden next spring!