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It’s simple. When you donate your stuff to Goodwill ®, you create opportunities for individuals in your community looking to find a job and build skills, including veterans and military families, people with disabilities and many others.

Last year, you helped local Goodwill organizations collectively place 313,000 people in employment in the United States and Canada. In the Greater Cincinnati area, Ohio Valley Goodwill helped more than 3500 people and assisted more than 1000 individuals to obtain jobs in the community.

Your impact doesn’t end there “” the planet also benefits when you choose to ditch the dumpster and drop your items at Goodwill. Over the past few years alone, you’ve helped keep billions of pounds of clothing and household items out of landfills. Thanks to wonderful community support, locally in the past year, Ohio Valley Goodwill has helped to recycle more than 53,000,000 pounds of donated item.

Please join Goodwill in helping to preserve our planet and put people to work in the Greater Cincinnati community…DONATE Today to Goodwill! For a complete list of all 33 Cincinnati area attended donation centers, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate.