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A Packaging Service in Cincinnati: Now With 50% More!

Your consumers are always looking to get more for their money. Shouldn’t you do the same when looking for a packaging service in Cincinnati?

Ohio Valley Goodwill is the only packaging company that will benefit more than your business’ bottom line. By partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill for your packaging service needs, you put individuals with disabilities to work in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Your efforts will ensure your business has a positive reputation in the community. When you sit at your desk to review packaging invoices, you will know that you are giving individuals with disabilities the chance to participate fully in their community and earn a fair wage. And, if that doesn’t please you, the cost and results will.

Ohio Valley Goodwill has years of experience running a large scale packaging operation. All of our work is done by hand, eliminating the risk of catastrophic errors inherent in machine-based packaging services in Cincinnati. Plus, Goodwill is a non-profit organization. We have no need to squeeze our partners for a few extra dollars on the margin. Our bottom line is the number of individuals we can put to work. That is why so many of our partners have found working with Ohio Valley Goodwill to be a rewarding and enriching partnership. To find out more about the results we consistently generate,  visit our testimonials page. Or,  contact one of our B2B outsourcing professionals  to find out how Ohio Valley Goodwill’s packaging service in Cincinnati can help your