Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

A Packaging Firm is Part and Parcel to Success

Cincinnati, Ohio has been a town of makers since it was first founded in December of 1788. We’ve been pioneers in fields from jet engines to beer and everything in-between. None of that would make any difference, however, if it weren’t for great packaging companies in Cincinnati.

It is one thing to make a great product, it is another to bring it to the marketplace (as Goodwill’s fulfillment service does), and even then you need great packaging to motivate consumers to make a purchase. That is where Ohio Valley Goodwill’s packaging service can help. We package thousands of goods by hand each day. This ensures packaging is done to exacting standards and to the highest degree of quality. Our work causes great results, but it is also a great cause in its own right.

Every job created by Goodwill’s Industrial Services division gives an individual with disabilities the opportunity to achieve meaningful employment. Having a job may seem like a pain some days, but it means dignity and the ability to contribute meaningfully to society — a fact that can be hard to keep in mind if you have never been without work. All of our team members value their jobs and work with unmatched diligence. Our labor force is large, but they are motivated as individuals. That translates to great results for our partner businesses. Contact a member of our Industrial Services team today to see how Goodwill can help your business succeed.