Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Packaging, Assembly, Kitting and Fulfillment: Cincinnati’s Logical Logistics Choice

home-callout-packagingOhio Valley Goodwill’s logistics outsourcing operation will ensure your business can build, package and ship products on time, every time. By partnering with Goodwill’s Packaging, Assembly, Kitting and Fulfillment team, you not only get great service at a great price, you also get to help communities across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our employees are proud of their work. Partner with Goodwill; it is a decision you will be proud of too. For more information on partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill contact    Todd Schreiber  or  Kim Leppert  by  calling (513) 771-4800.

Packaging Services: The Total Package

Ohio Valley Goodwill offers packaging services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Western Indiana along the Ohio Border. By utilizing Goodwill’s broad human resources, including experienced packaging professionals, businesses across the tri-state area have realized significant cost savings on packaging. Goodwill has a proud history of providing packaging services  in Greater Cincinnati and business partners that provide glowing testimonials as to their satisfaction with our services. To find out more, visit our website at  www.goodwillb2b.com.

Assembly Services: Helping You Get it Together

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s assembly service has been building success in Cincinnati for years. Our assembly team is highly trained and produces finished products that are high quality, on time and ready to be delivered to customers. Whether your business is in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, Goodwill’s assembly services team  can provide you with prototype development, assembly-line service, corrugate assembly, POP assembly and more. Our assembly team works like a dream: We will build it, if you come (to Goodwill).

Kitting Services: The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Looking for kitting services in Cincinnati that will leave your customers satisfied, with no kit-criticism? Do you have a complicated, multi-part, kit in need of kitting services that will assemble and box it perfectly? Ohio Valley Goodwill sorts (literally) tons of donations from around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky every year. There is no kitting service grounded in more experience than ours. Goodwill will help you piece together a kitting services plan that will save your business time, money and headaches.

Fulfillment Services: You’ll Find our Services Fulfilling

Ohio Valley Goodwill has a long history of providing top-notch fulfillment services in Cincinnati. Our Fulfillment Services team are experts in warehousing, collation, distribution, labeling, mailing and logistics. Businesses around Cincinnati have realized significant distribution cost-savings by partnering with Goodwill Fulfillment Services. However, low cost logistics are only part of the reason that businesses choose Goodwill. Our team is also driven to succeed by a love of their jobs, and the opportunities Goodwill provides them. As a non-profit, Goodwill serves a second bottom line, and our Fulfillment Services team benefits Cincinnati communities as well as businesses across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. For more information on the services that Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Business  to Business  team  can provide, please contact Todd Schreiber or Kim Leppert at (513) 771-4800.