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4 Places You Probably Overlooked During Spring Cleaning

Even if you purged your heart out this spring, you might still find yourself feeling overwhelmed with too much ” stuff” in your home. It could be that you just missed a few spots during your spring cleaning “” and there are a lot of places in the home that are easily forgotten!

Luckily, Goodwill is here to help you finish the job. Here are four places you probably overlooked during spring cleaning season:

dishes from Goodwill

#1: The Kitchen

You may have pulled out some of the appliances you never use, but did you sort through your dishes? How about those plastic containers? It’s all too easy to collect kitchen gadgets and serving pieces over time that never cross your mind when you think about clearing space in your home. Take a moment and go through each drawer and cabinet in the kitchen and be honest with yourself. If it’s something you haven’t used in the last year or two, it’s probably time to say goodbye! Ohio Valley Goodwill accepts kitchen supply donations all year round to resell at affordable prices in our retail stores.

#2: The Garage or Shed

These places are often the catchall of items you just don’t know what to do with. Maybe your garage is full of old kids’ toys, sports equipment, or gardening tools that you no longer need. Now is also the perfect time to let go of those outdoor planters, rugs, and lights that no longer work for your space. Since you’re pulling it all out of storage for summer, you might as well sort out items to donate!

Cars at Goodwill Auto Auction
Cars at Goodwill Auto Auction

And don’t forget “” you can even donate vehicles to our Goodwill Auto Auction in Cincinnati and keep your garage clutter-free!

#3: The Bathroom

When’s the last time you organized your bathroom cabinets or closets? Lurking behind the expired makeup and other toiletries are likely bath towels that haven’t been used in months, or sheets that haven’t been used to make a bed in years. Clean out those linen closets and reorganize the bathroom items you use most often. You’ll feel so refreshed the next time you reach for your toothbrush!

#4: The Junk Drawer

Every home has one! You know, the drawer that emits a sound similar to an avalanche when you open it? Sorting through your junk drawer is the quickest way to find yourself in organized bliss. Create piles for ” keep,” ” donate,” and ” trash,” and sort quickly, without much thought. Your initial reaction in this case is probably the best answer.

Pack it Up and Donate to Goodwill!

Once you’ve hit these easily forgotten areas of your home, make a quick trip to Ohio Valley Goodwill to donate the gently-used items you no longer need. When you choose to donate to Goodwill in Cincinnati, you’re making a lasting difference for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. That’s because every item you donate helps fund life-changing programs and services that help people empower themselves through meaningful employment!

Ohio Valley Goodwill Volunteer accepts blanket donations
Ohio Valley Goodwill Volunteer accepts blanket donations

Don’t wait to get organized this summer “” start today! Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill donation center to drop off your donations, and feel the weight lift off your shoulders.