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Outsourced Assembly Is the Piece You’re Missing

Reports over the last few months show that United States economy is beginning to recover from the tragic recession that began in 2008, but many businesses are still not feeling confident. If you are looking for a way to add a little cushion to your bottom-line, consider this: Ohio Valley Goodwill has year of experience assembly products at a highly competitive rate right here in Cincinnati. Our assembly service is efficient and able to change at the speed of business in an uncertain economy. Our secret is a large labor force of dedicated employees. We do all our work by hand, which means production can change much more quickly than a machine-based assembly operation.

The benefits of working with our assembly service in Cincinnati are not solely economic, either. Goodwill’s mission is to provide employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. The men and women we serve love their jobs because they represent the chance to contribute meaningfully to their communities. Our teams work harder because their motivation comes from the heart. That is an invaluable asset, and one you can only get by partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill.

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