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Ohio Valley Goodwill's Volunteer Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Veterans Services Programs!

Monday, November 11th, Veterans Day, marked the date of the sixth annual Veterans Day Luncheon hosted by the organization’s volunteer group, its Service Guild. The luncheon which has become a tradition at Ohio Valley Goodwill was made even more memorable this year because it was also a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the organization’s programs and services for our military veterans. “We are always so happy to have this opportunity to host this luncheon in honor of our military men and women but this year, it seems even more fitting that it falls on Veterans Day and that it marks the 20th anniversary of Goodwill’s services for veterans,” said Sue Burreson, Service Guild President. Both veterans supported by the organization as well as Goodwill Veterans Services team members enjoyed the special luncheon and tribute by the volunteer members of the Service Guild. Most of the veterans are employed at Ohio Valley Goodwill and are individuals enrolled in Goodwill’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP). Service Guild volunteers were also joined by their spouses, many of whom are also retired veterans. Goodwill’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program has been serving the needs of veterans since the early 1990″²s and last year (2012), provided service to more than 700 veterans. The HVRP program offers temporary housing, vocational training, job placement services, life skill training and other services designed to assist veterans and their families to obtain self-sufficiency in their home communities. The Service Guild is a volunteer organization that has been providing fund-raising and community awareness support for Ohio Valley Goodwill for many years and this year, actually commemorated their 80th anniversary of service to Goodwill. Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to the Service Guild and its wonderful volunteers for the gracious support and celebration of our nation’s veterans and their service to our country on this very poignant Veterans Day.