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"Ohio Valley Goodwill's Consumer Advisory Committee Receives 2010 Superintendent's Award!"

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) was honored to be selected for recognition at the 2010 Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS) Annual Awards event held March 1st. The prestigious award was presented to CAC in recognition of their hard work in support of the 2009 HCDDS Levy Campaign as well as for their on-going community outreach efforts. Joe Byrum, Goodwill President and CEO, Melinda Gabelman, Advocate and Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist were delighted to accept the Superintendent’s award on behalf of the Consumer Advisory Committee. “We are very proud of Goodwill’s Consumer Advisory Committee and applaud their advocacy work that benefits all individuals with disabilities,” said Byrum after accepting the award. Cheryl Phipps, HCDDS Superintendent, went on to commend Goodwill for its support of the Levy campaign generally and specifically, the co-coordination and sponsorship of the 2009 What Matters Most Fashion Show. The sold-out, precedent-setting show was designed to showcase the skills and abilities of all people with disabilities and served as the launch of Visionaries and Voices fashion designer, Nikki Martin. (Click here to view images from the 2009 CARA What Matters Most Fashion Show). “Ohio Valley Goodwill is gratified by the recognition of our efforts to support individuals with disabilities and especially, the hard work of the many advocates represented by its Consumer Advisory Committee,” said Byrum, Goodwill President and CEO. The organization has worked in partnership with HCDDS for more than 25 years and serves more than 500 individuals per year with developmental disabilities.