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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Wins 2013 Best of Cincinnati Vintage Thrift Store Award from CityBeat Magazine!"

Ohio Valley Goodwill is excited to announce that it is the recipient of the 2013 “Best of Cincinnati” award in the category of Vintage Thrift Clothing store from CityBeat Magazine! This is the 4th time in recent years that Goodwill’s network of 15 retail stores has been singled out for the prestigious honor. The CityBeat awards reflect the votes of their readership as well as their editorial staff team and Goodwill is honored to be selected for the 2013 “Best in Cincinnati” award. Wednesday, March 27th marked the official announcement of this year’s winners and celebration of the CityBeat awards. Goodwill team members,Krysta Ryan, Thomas Phelan, Amy Hardin and Mathew Fortner enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the other attendees at the “Best of Cincinnati” party. Ryan and Phelan both acted as models for Goodwill, wearing outfits that were put together from items sold at their stores and served as walking ambassadors sharing the story of their fashions and the amazingly afforable prices. “It was a very easy conversation-starter” said Krysta Ryan, Tri-County store Manager. “Everyone was really impressed by our look, accessories and especially
the prices,” added Ryan. A lot of the attendees that the Goodwill team spoke to during the evening events, admitted to being frequent shoppers and noted that some of their favorite stores were Oakley, Tri-County, Montgomery, Florence and Bellevue.

The Goodwill team also wore “Scan Me” buttons throughout the event which helped to promote the idea of people “liking” Goodwill on its Facebook page. “We felt that it was a wonderful chance to get the Goodwill story out and to share with people all of the exciting things about how shopping truly impacts our mission of service to the community,” said Ryan. Ohio Valley Goodwill thanks CityBeat Magazine and its readership and fans for making the organization “Best in Cincinnati” for 2013!