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Ohio Valley Goodwill Welcomes Speaker Boehner’s District Director!

US House of RepresentativesOhio Valley Goodwill was pleased to welcome District Director, Frank DeBrosse from Speaker John Boehner’s office for a tour of its corporate headquarters on Friday, November 21st.

Mr. DeBrosse was provided with a comprehensive tour of Goodwill’s programs and services by President and CEO, Joe Byrum along with Rehabilitation Director, Steve Koons, Asst. Director of DD Services Leslie McCurley and Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. The purpose of his visit was to learn more about Goodwill’s programs designed to help people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get community employment. The District Director was surprised to learn about Goodwill’s more than 20 year history of helping veterans to obtain jobs and permanent housing in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as recent federal grant to help more than 300 veterans and their families to achieve economic stability.

In addition, the District Director was interested to learn of Goodwill’s almost 100 year history of putting people to work in the Greater Cincinnati community. He learned that supporting families and individuals to be able to make the choices that best meet their needs is critically important. The organization’s success in helping more than 940 people to obtain jobs was also of note to the Director as well as Goodwill’s economic impact on the local economy. “While the Speaker’s office is familiar with Goodwill and its contributions to the Greater Cincinnati community, this visit helped to provide much more insight into the importance of individual choice and the employment resources that the organization is able to provide for our citizens with disabilities and our nation’s veterans,” said Mr. DeBrosse.

Goodwill is grateful to the District Director for his visit and learning more about the organization’s impact on the lives of people served.
To find out more about Goodwill’s employment services, please visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com

L to R: Steve Koons, Leslie McCurley, Frank DeBrosse, Speaker Boehner's Office, Joe Byrum, Goodwill CEO.

L to R: Steve Koons, Leslie McCurley, Frank DeBrosse, Speaker Boehner’s Office, Joe Byrum, Goodwill CEO.