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Ohio Valley Goodwill Welcomes Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Director and Team

Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to welcome Opportunities for Ohioans (OOD) Director Kevin Miller and his Deputy Director team to its Employment and Training Center on Tuesday, April 11th. The organization has worked in partnership with OOD from more than 40 years to help individuals with disabilities and significant barriers to employment to obtain jobs and pursue careers in the Greater Cincinnati community.

OOD Director Kevin Miller

The Director and his team were visiting Ohio Valley Goodwill to meet with new President and CEO, Mark Hiemstra and Rehabilitation Services Director, Chelsea Ashcraft as well as Grants Director Susie Skeens to discuss the long-time partnership and collaboration and opportunities for the future. The Director and his team were provided with a tour of the organization and its programs and services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s Veterans with a primary focus on its Employment Services department. “We were so glad to meet with Director Miller and his team and discuss our collaborative relationship in meeting the needs of the individuals we mutually serve,” said President and CEO, Mark Hiemstra. “Our partnership with OOD is critical to the many services we are able to offer to both adults and transition youth through our Summer Youth Services,” added Hiemstra.

Annually, Ohio Valley Goodwill provides employment and training services to almost 3000 individuals and in 2021 assisted 920 to obtain jobs and achieve their vocational goals. To find out more about Goodwill’s award-winning employment services, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.