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Ohio Valley Goodwill Welcomes City of Cincinnati Recycling Officials!

City of Cincinnati Recycling Officials Tour Goodwill!

City of Cincinnati Recycling Officials Tour Goodwill!

Goodwill Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery was all smiles as he welcomed officials from the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environmental Quality to the organization’s headquarters on September 12th. Sue Magness, Recycling Coordinator and Larry Falkin, Director were intrigued to learn about the scope of Goodwill’s recycling efforts, specifically textiles. The pair were provided a comprehensive tour of the organization’s donation processing, e-book, and computer collection areas as well as offered insights into Goodwill’s programs for individuals with disabilities.

Ohio Valley Goodwill has a long history of environmental stewardship and annually recycles more than 43,000,000 lbs of donated product, diverting it from area landfills. In addition, the organization recycles donated textbooks and other reading materials and sells them through their e-commerce site. Goodwill also accepts computers and related electronic equipment for recycling purposes, diverting more than 1,000,000 lbs annually.

Goodwill was very pleased to host our guests from the City of Cincinnati and looks forward to future collaborative efforts on addressing the recycling needs of the Cincinnati community.

For more information about donating to Goodwill, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate. Please join us in helping to preserve the planet by donating today!