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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Volunteer Recognized For Community Service and Civic Activism!"

Katie Weber pictured with Mom, Karen Weber, Goodwill Cheviot team, Ann Walters, Sales Manager and Michael Flannery, Public Information Officer

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s staff team was elated to have the opportunity to recognize the community service of volunteer, Katie Weber, during an official “thank you” ceremony held at the organization’s Cheviot store location on Monday, June 3rd. Katie chose to put together a Goodwill donation drive at her school, Dater Montessori,  for her service project this year. Katie and her family are friends with Goodwill Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery and because of this relationship, Katie is very aware that Goodwill serves people with disabilities. Katie’s “Goodwill Donation Drive” took place at the school at the end of May and resulted in the collection of more than 2000 pounds of donated items.

“We really wanted to figure out a way to thank Katie for her hard work and  for  choosing Goodwill for her school project,” said Ann Walters, Retail Sales Manager. “We think it’s very important  for kids to learn about community volunteerism and Katie’s efforts are certainly an inspiration to all of us,” added Walters. Katie was presented with a plaque from Goodwill Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery and then, a  gift certificate from Cheviot Store Manager, Tammy Rosen. “The gift certificate can be used at any Goodwill store and can be used anytime Katie wants to use it,” said Ann Walters. Katie’s mom, Karen, remarked Katie loves to shop and the gift certificate will come in handy. All of the members of the Goodwill team were touched when Katie smiled and said “Thank You” to everyone present.

Ohio Valley Goodwill applauds Katie Weber for her community  activism efforts and is grateful to Katie, her family and Dater Montessori for their generous donations to the organization and its mission of service to individuals with disabilities.