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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Shares the Love on Valentine's By Helping People Go To Work!"

L to R: Pictured are DiAndre Plair and Laura Kumler

For more than 96 years, Goodwill’s mission in the Greater Cincinnati community has been helping people go to work. The organization serves more than 3100 individuals per year and the focus is always to provide those services in a way that helps people to achieve personal success. On this Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share the story of one of the people that the organization is currently serving through its Work Evaluation and Skill Training programs. DiAndre Plair graduated from N. College Hill High School in 2010. Following graduation, DiAndre looked for a job but couldn’t find one. Finally, DiAndre went to SuperJobs in downtown Cincinnati and was linked up with his current Opportunities for

Ohioans with Disabilities counselor (formerly known as the Rehabilitation Services Commission). DiAndre’s counselor, Vicki O’Hearn, said that she thought that Goodwill could help. At first, DiAndre was referred for a Work Evaluation, which is an opportunity to find out more about his skills and abilities in a short period of time. Following the Work Evaluation, DiAndre was referred for Skills Training through Goodwill’s Janitorial Training program. “At first I was nervous about coming to Goodwill but then I got to know everyone and then, I was ok. I like working with all the staff for real. I like my training assistants and working with Laura. Before I came to Goodwill, I was thinking about getting a janitorial or stocking job and now Goodwill is helping me to reach my goal. In the future, I want to drive and get a car and my own place. I would say that Goodwill can help other people like me, too.” Laura Kumler, Work Evaluation and Training Manager, who works with DiAndre, explains that helping young people to get started on their career goals is one of the most satisfying aspects of her job. “It is such a pleasure helping young adults like DiAndre to find their way in life and feel good about their personal success,” said Kumler. For more information about Goodwill’s Work Evaluation and Training Services programs, please contact Laura Kumler at (513) 771-4800 or email at lkumler@cincigoodwill.org. Visit Goodwill’s website at www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services for an overview of the organization’s programs. Ohio Valley Goodwill applauds DiAndre on this Valentine’s Day for his commitment to achieving personal success. Join Goodwill in helping people go to work in our community by donating today. Your donations change lives!