Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

"Ohio Valley Goodwill Recipient of the Generosity of The Standard during the Holiday Season!"

Ohio Valley Goodwill was honored to be selected as one of  the  beneficiaries of the 2011 Employee image0013.gif
Giving Campaign  of The Standard Insurance Company which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For the past several years, employees of The Standard have been given the opportunity to wear jeans every Friday in exchange for a donation to a nonprofit partner organization. This year Goodwill organizations located in Oregon, Cincinnati as well as Goodwill Industries International were selected as the beneficiaries of the 2012 Program.

The Standard employees can participate in the program by making a donation during the quarterly jeans sales or were given the opportunity to make a donation during the 2011 Employee Giving Campaign. Employee donations through the Employee Giving Campaign totaled $144,000 which was divided amongst the identified Goodwill organizations. Ohio Valley Goodwill thanks The Standard and their employees for their generous contributions during the Holiday season towards the organization’s mission of service to the Greater Cincinnati community and the men and women it supports. The Employee Giving Campaign effort of The Standard is a wonderful example of how easy it is to give this holiday season and throughout the year.