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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery Shares His Thoughts On 3-21."

Goodwill’s Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery, is probably a bit more aware of the importance of 3-21 than most people on a day that marks the celebration of “World Down Syndrome Day.” As the father of a 14 year-old beautiful daughter named Grace who lives up to her name in every respect, Michael is vividly aware of the significance of 3-21. Together, Michael and Grace have done their part to increase awareness of Down Syndrome and show why labels don’t define who people really are. “My daughter has been in television commercials, the co-chair of community fund-raisers and is completely involved in all of the typical things that 14 year-olds love to do,” said Flannery proudly. “She loves to

Grace and Michael

read, plays baseball, sings in the Choir and can surf the Internet like nobody’s business…she just happens to have been born with an extra chromosome.”

As a long-time media personality and past anchor of WCPO’s “9 on Your Kid’s Side” television show, Flannery has brought his media talents to Ohio Valley Goodwill and also, to the cause of enhancing community awareness about people with disabilities. So, please join Michael and Grace in celebrating “National Down Syndrome Day” and the many gifts and talents of people with disabilities. If you would like Michael to speak to your group or organization, he is happy to do so and can be reached at 771-4800.