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Ohio Valley Goodwill Presents 2016 “Scholar Athlete of the Year” Scholarship!

STAR64 High School Challenge artwork 2016Friday, January 27th marked the presentation of the “Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year” scholarship. The final selection of the “Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year” is the culmination of the STAR64 High School Challenge. The STAR64 High School Challenge is a months long program which involved the promotion of a Goodwill Donation Challenge between two competing high schools each week through the football season. The students, faculty and community competed at each respective high school to donate the most items. A Goodwill donation trailer was parked at each school the Monday before its televised football game. Both the schools and their communities worked together to donate”“ that includes students, parents and teachers. At the end of the week, the amount of donations were weighed to determine which school donated the most items. In addition, before each Saturday High School Rivals game, two Goodwill Scholar Athletes of the Week were announced. As ” Goodwill Scholar Athletes of the Week,” all of the students were then in consideration for the ” Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year.” The selection is made at the end of the year and the lucky athlete receives a $5000.00 college scholarship to the school of their choice.

Bryce Wade, Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year with Joe Walter, Goodwill Spokesman

Bryce Wade, Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year with Joe Walter, Goodwill Spokesman

This year’s “Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year,” is Bryce Wade. Bryce is a student at Conner High School. Bryce has a grade point average of 4.522 and is a defensive player for the football team. He also volunteers at the Lakeside Christian church and tutors 7th grade students in Math. In addition he has been on several missionary trips. Bryce intends on going to college and has it narrowed down to three choices- the University of Cincinnati, University of Tennessee or North Carolina. Bryce is a Senior.

The total amount of donations from the 2016 Goodwill High School Donation Drive for all schools involved was more than 13,000 pounds of donated items. All donations are used to support Ohio Valley Goodwill’s more than 100 year old mission of putting people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to work in our community. To find out more about Goodwill’s century old mission of service, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/about.

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Bryce on being selected as “Goodwill Scholar Athlete of the Year” and all of the wonderful 2016 “Goodwill Scholar Athletes of the Week” that were selected for recognition during this year’s STAR64 High School Challenge. To find out more about STAR64 High School Rivals, www.Star64.tv and click on Saturday High School Rivals.