Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
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Ohio Valley Goodwill Participates in OAGI Statehouse Day!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Marketing and Legislative Advocacy team participated in the 2023 OAGI (Ohio Association of Goodwill Industries) Statehouse Day on Tuesday, March 21st. Held on the occasion of National Down Syndrome Awareness Day, the event was designed to educate elected representatives on Goodwill’s mission,  economic impact and new legislation.  A majority of the 16 Ohio Goodwill’s were in attendance for the important event which included a formal luncheon as well as meetings with Senators Ingram and Johnson offices as well as State Representatives Abrams, Bird, Mathews and Seitz for the Cincinnati representatives. 

The Goodwill team provided an overview of OAGI and its impact as well as specifically, Ohio Valley Goodwill and its mission of service to individuals in the Greater Cincinnati community.  The organizations’ programs for individuals with Developmental Disabilities as well as Veterans services were discussed as well as impact on workforce development priorities in the larger community. All legislators were extended a cordial invitation to tour Ohio Valley Goodwill (if they haven’t already done so) to learn more about its programs and services and meetings are being confirmed in the coming weeks.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to its elected Representatives for their support of and interest in Goodwill’s mission of service and economic impact to the larger community and throughout the state of Ohio. Last year alone, Ohio Goodwills provided services to more than 78,000 Ohioans and overall, is $240 million enterprise. Locally, Ohio Valley Goodwill serves an average of 3000 people a year and has a $63 million dollar economic impact. Statewide, Goodwill organizations provided 9.66 million employment related services and 8.6 million cases of family support services. Additionally, Goodwill’s commitment to environmental preservation and responsible recycling resulted in 192 million pounds of product being diverted from area landfills statewide. In the Greater Cincinnati community, Ohio Valley Goodwill helps to recycle more than 48 million pounds annually.

Ohio Valley Goodwill looks forward to working collaboratively with its elected Representatives in the future on addressing Ohio’s Workforce Development needs as well as other proactive programs to serve the needs of the citizens of Ohio.