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Ohio Valley Goodwill Launches New Websites with You in Mind!


After almost a year of planning and development, Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to announce the launch of its new re-designed main website, www.cincinnatigoodwill.org. The new website is designed to provide interested visitors with an easy-to-follow way to find out about topics of interest to them. Whether it’s information about services for individuals, shopping, donating, or just about Goodwill in general, the new site has organized the information in ways that are intuitive, to the point, and provide easy access to contact sources. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new site, visit it today and stop by the cool Shopping pages that provide a fun way to show you what to shop for at your local Goodwill store or the Frequently Asked Questions page that has an engaging new roll-out response feature. The best part is, you can still easily sign up to receive your free email sales calendar or Auto Auction list or follow us on social media from the new site.

In addition to the new Cincinnati Goodwill main site, the organization has updated its convenient mini-sites which are designed to provide instant information for donors and shoppers as well as employers in specific interest areas.

For example, someone hoping to donate a car to Goodwill can visit goodwillcars.com  and fill out the simple on-line donation form or contact an Auction representative for more specific information about upcoming auctions or policies related to donating vehicles.

A shopper can quickly find the latest sales updates by visiting http://goodwillbargains.com/ and downloading the sales calendar or their valuable sales coupon. Donors can also quickly find the Fair Market Value sheet for reference and tax purposes.

Employers looking for ways to supplement their workforce can visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com and find out about all of the incentives and benefits of hiring an employee through Goodwill’s Employment Services program and additional work site supports that are be available to ensure a successful match.

And finally, Goodwill offers comprehensive Business-to-Business services including fulfillment, packaging, janitorial and Total Facilities Management just to name a few. All of the specific information about these Goodwill services can be found on the newly updated http://www.goodwillb2b.com/ site.

The new website re-design offers easy access to all of Goodwill’s business lines through its main site at www.cincinnatigoodwill.org as well as direct access through its specific mini-sites developed for shoppers, donors, auto auction enthusiasts, employers and B2B customers.

At Goodwill, we want to make it easy for you to find what you need as quickly and easily as possible. Check out the new Goodwill website today at https://www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/ and let us know what you think!