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Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries Announces OneCity Partnership to Address Addiction

 Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to announce a new partnership with OneCity For Recovery; a community organization dedicated to battling heroin and opioid addiction issues and helping people to get on the path to recovery. OneCity For Recovery currently serves Butler, Warren and Clinton Counties and is moving into Hamilton County. Ohio Valley Goodwill will be working in partnership with OneCity For Recovery and their Care Coordinator team on a clothing voucher program to enable individuals to obtain clothing as an initial first step on their path to recovery. For more than a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been dedicated to its mission of putting people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to work in the Greater Cincinnati community. Last year alone, the organization served more than 3500 people and helped 907 to get jobs. As a long-time proponent of workforce development and helping people to get jobs, Goodwill recognizes the urgency of the heroin crisis and its impact on peoples’ ability to obtain employment. As a result, Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to be asked to support OneCity for Recovery’s mission of helping individuals to get back on their feet and ultimately, back in the workforce.

” As an agency dedicated to helping individuals to achieve personal success for more than a century, Goodwill is sensitive to the issues which may pose barriers to employment and the current addiction crisis is a major concern. The clothing voucher program in partnership with OneCity For Recovery is one way Goodwill can assist in helping people to start on the road to recovery and ultimately, to experience the dignity of work,” said Joe Byrum, President and CEO.

Last year, OneCity For Recovery helped more than 600 people move from addiction to recovery and Ohio Valley Goodwill wishes to help support that effort through the new clothing voucher program. To find out more about OneCity For Recovery, visit onecityforrecovery.org To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s 100+ mission of service to the Greater Cincinnati community, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/about