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"Ohio Valley Goodwill In Partnership with Ohio Goodwills Launches State-Wide B2B Website!"

Ohio Valley Goodwill in partnership with the Ohio Association of Goodwill Industries (OAGI) is pleased to announce the official launch of its brand new state-wide Business to Business website, www.ohiogoodwillsb2b.org. The new site is designed to inform businesses throughout the state of Ohio that Goodwill is an experienced source for business solutions. The new B2B website provides an overview of the many services Goodwills provide state-wide including packaging and assembly, janitorial services, document imaging and other specialized areas. In addition, through the easy “Contact Us” feature, the visitor can access the appropriate Goodwill based on their  county of origin. The www.ohiogoodwillsb2b.org site was created collaboratively with the input of representatives from both Goodwill Marketing and Industrial Services staff teams   throughout the state of Ohio and will serve as a informational conduit for business visitors.  Included on the site are testimonials supporting the outstanding quality of Goodwill’s  Business Services throughout the state. Of special note is a podcast by Stephen Byrnes, J & M Marketing, who is a long-time customer of Ohio Valley Goodwill and an enthusastic spokesperson on behalf of the state-wide effort. Please take a moment to view the compelling video testimony of Mr. Byrnes  by visiting the testimonials page of the new site. To find out more about Ohio Goodwills commitment to creating business opportunities together, please visit www.ohiogoodwillsb2b.org. As noted on the new site, “Ohio Goodwills…Working together, we create business solutions and put people with employment barriers to work.” For more information about the specific services that Ohio Valley Goodwill offers, please visit our local site at www.goodwillb2b.com.