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Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts Voter Registration Event at Store Locations in Suppport of Hamilton County Issue!

Ohio Valley Goodwill was the host location for a voter registration event which was held at three of its Greater Cincinnati store locations on Saturday, March 22nd. Held from 1:00-4:00 pm on a busy, 50% off Sale Saturday, Goodwill team members were hoping to reach out to many members of the community helping them to register to vote. Interestingly, while there were a host of shoppers in all three locations, almost all were already registered to vote but very few were aware   that there was an election in May. As a result, Goodwill team members spent a majority of their time during the event providing community education related to Goodwill’s partnership with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services and the specifics related to Issue 3.

“Our Goodwill team probably spoke to several hundred people over the weekend and it was a learning experience to find out how many people while dedicated voters were completely unaware of the May election,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. “We’re happy that we were able to educate people about Issue 3 and the relevance to Hamilton County families,” added Hannon. Ohio Valley Goodwill also plans to host an organizational voter registration event during the week of March 24th to ensure that all of its own employees and participants are registered and informed of the critical election in May.

Goodwill is working diligently to support the passage of Issue 3, the Hamilton County DD Services Tax Levy, because it provides 72% of the funding that the Board needs to provide services to almost 10,000 families in the Greater Cincinnati area. The levy is only on the ballot every 5 years and this year’s levy is a renewal and will not raise taxes. Hamilton County DD Services provides critical services for individuals with disabilities including educational, vocational, residential and case management and partners with agencies like Goodwill to help provide those services in the most effective way possible. Goodwill offers life-enriching programs to more than 700 people annually that include everything from social integration to skill training and job placement. In support of Issue 3, Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery along with Goodwill team members are speaking with community groups and producing TV spots that will run in the weeks right before the election.

For more information about Issue 3 and how you can help, visit www.ddslevy.org

Michael Flannery at Cheviot Store location

Michael Flannery at Cheviot Store location

Vote 2014

Sharon Hannon at Oakley Store location

Please join Goodwill in voting “Yes” on Issue 3 on May 6th!