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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts Live Webcast of National Disability Forum Event!"

Ohio Valley Goodwill was delighted to join Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services in hosting a live-webcast of the National Disability Forum event on Friday, September 28th from 12:30-3:30 pm. The live-webcast was designed to allow as many people as possible to view the candidates as they explained their positions on issues affecting individuals with disabilities. dsc03256_medium.jpg
Held in the organization’s Auditorium at its headquarters location, the webcast welcomed more than 50 participants from its many programs and services who watched the proceedings with interest. “We wanted to do everything we could to make this important learning event as accessible as possible for the individuals we serve at Goodwill,” said Leslie McCurley, Assistant Director of DD Services. “It’s vital that people have the information they need to make informed decisions this election year,” added McCurley.
dsc03257_medium.jpg In partnership with Hamilton County DD Services, the National Disability Forum webcast was viewed by more than  80 individuals served by both the Board and Ohio Valley Goodwill. “We could not be more pleased with the outcome of the live-webcast event,” said Kate Hawkins, Governmental Liaison for Hamilton County DD Services. Featured during the live-webcast were
representatives from the Presidential campaigns as well as candidates  for other major offices this year. Discussion points included candidates positions on the social safety net, housing, employment and other issues of relevance to audience members.

Of particular note was the appearance of Teddy Kennedy, Jr. who spoke eloquently about both his family’s history of support of disability issues as well as the accomplishments of the current administration. He emphasized  the point that  societal attitudes and low expectations have more of an impact on people with disabilities than their actual physical or mental disability. He closed by saying that while people with disabilities may not have a lot of money on their side, they do have their vote and their voice and urged everyone to vote this November. Ohio Valley Goodwill is very pleased to have been a partner in the airing of the live webcast of the National Disability Forum on September 28th, which enabled the individuals it serves to become an active part of this important historic event.