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"Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts Annual Open House for Industrial Services and Area Businesses!"


Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services division was  pleased  to host its annual Open House on the morning of Friday, November 4th with a breakfast event at the corporate facility in the Village of Woodlawn.   The  annual event is designed as a way to introduce local businesses to the service offerings available through Goodwill’s Industrial Services division and to acknowledge the long standing associations that the organization has with its partners.   Guests were welcomed by Goodwill CEO, Joe Byrum who greeted the visitors and outlined Goodwill’s programs  and presented a snapshot of the organization’s mission.   More than 30 business partners attended the annual event.Featured speakers for the event were Nathan Bachrach and Ed Finke of The Financial Network and radio station 55KRC’s “Simple Money” program.   Their informative presentation on regional and international business trends provided the audience with insights into where business leaders may see their economic activity headed in the coming months.   The speakers also responded to questions from the audience.   Following the presentation, guests were provided with an overview of the offerings available through Goodwill’s Industrial Services division and its contract services department.   “We  are proud of the services that Goodwill is able to provide to our business partners through the  contract work that  our organization is able to provide,” commented Todd Schrieber, Goodwill Industrial Services Marketing Manager.   Ohio Valley Goodwill has long been offering local and regional businesses quality work services options such as assembly work, packaging, inspection, sorting, janitorial services and many other business related tasks. Guests were also provided with a comprehensive tour of the corporate facility and a detailed look at the Industrial Services and contract services work area.   “We were so pleased that our business partners and many new companies were able to share their time with us to see the work that we are currently  engaged with  here at Goodwill Industries,” commented Todd Schreiber.   Ohio Valley Goodwill thanks its business partners for their service and dedication to the organization and continued commitment to its mission to put people to work!