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Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts Advocacy Presentation in Partnership with Leaders in Action!

Ohio Valley Goodwill was delighted to welcome and serve as the host location for an Advocacy presentation on Wednesday, August 28th provided by Leaders In Action, a self-advocacy organization supported by Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS). More than 50 individuals served by Goodwill enjoyed learning about the progress that has been made regarding the rights and privileges of individuals with disabilities in the state of Ohio as well as how people can become involved in advocacy efforts on their own. Presenters for the Advocacy presentation included Walter Vaughn, HCDDS Advocacy Resource Room Coordinator, James Harley, Advocate, Diana Mairose, Advocate and Robert Shuemak, Advocate. Ohio Valley Goodwill has long been a supporter of self-advocacy efforts on the part of the individuals the organization serves and founded its own advocacy group in 1993 which is still very active in its outreach. The Leaders in Action presentation focused on a number of topics that Goodwill and its self-advocacy team support including the use of People First language and community involvement. ” We are so pleased that the Leaders in Action group selected Ohio Valley Goodwill for their Advocacy presentation,” said Leslie McCurley, Asst. Director of DD Services. ” The advocates served through Goodwill are very much involved in community outreach, voting rights, and supporting others to become active and we appreciate the hard work of Leaders in Action in promoting the importance of this effort,” added McCurley. Through its partnership with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services and three other County Boards of DD, Goodwill serves more than 700 individuals annually through its many work and training programs. The promotion of self-advocacy efforts is an integral part of the organization’s programs and services. Our thanks to the Leaders in Action team for their wonderful presentation!