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Ohio Valley Goodwill Honors Our Military Heroes on Veterans Day

For more than a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been committed to helping our military veterans to become fully integrated members of our community. Goodwill’s programs and services are designed to help veterans who are struggling with homelessness and unemployment to secure permanent housing and good jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area. Of particular significance is the fact that all of our Veterans Services team members are military veterans themselves and therefore, can fully understand the challenges that many veterans face. On Veterans Day, we like to bring attention to our programs and services and also, how everyone can help our military heroes to attain economic stability and personal success.

Support veteran employment

Leaving the military for civilian life can be a challenging process. Many veterans need guidance in gaining the skills needed to search for a job and obtain a civilian career. Unfortunately, without security and strong social support networks, some veterans are at risk of experiencing homelessness. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we’re on a mission to change this, and you can help!

Every time you  donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill  or  shop in our retail stores, you’re helping to support life-changing services for veterans in your community, including:

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Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects (HVRP)

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides services for homeless veterans, helping them build their civilian careers and attain self-sufficiency. We are proud to participate in  Cincinnati’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects  (HVRP). Assistance is available for career planning, job placement, and finding housing. Residential programs, counseling, food, clothing, and monetary assistance are available for those who qualify.

VA Funded ” Per Diem” Residential Program

Goodwill also operates a  VA funded ” Per diem” residential program  which is a program for eligible homeless veterans in need of employment assistance and intensive and holistic services in order to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. The goal of all participants is to ultimately achieve full-time employment within the community.

If you are a homeless veteran or know of a veteran experiencing homelessness and would like additional information about Goodwill’s homeless services for veterans, please call (513) 631-4500.

We thank our military veterans for their service to our country on Veterans Day and every day and ask you to join Goodwill in supporting our brave military heroes.

To find out more about Veterans Day and information about military benefits, please visit https://www.military.com/veterans-day