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Ohio Valley Goodwill Exhibitor for 2015 Hamilton County DD Services Provider Fair

Sharon Hannon, Interim Marketing Director at HCDDS Provider Fair

Sharon Hannon, Interim Marketing Director at HCDDS Provider Fair

The evening of October 14th welcomed dozens of families and individuals interested in programs and services to the 2015 Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services Provider Fair held at Jackson Center. The event was designed to bring together a host of community provider agencies so that families and individuals that currently participate in the Jackson Center could explore options. The Jackson Center is scheduled to close in March 2016 and Hamilton DD Services is busily working on transition planning for the individuals served in the program.

As an exhibitor, Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to talk with interested families and individuals about the diverse array of programs and services that the organization provides including its award-winning Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) program; its many work training and employment services as well as its community integration opportunities. Many families expressed interest in scheduling tours of Goodwill after learning about the many options available at the organization’s headquarters as well as satellite locations.

“Ohio Valley Goodwill has worked in partnership with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services for more than 25 years in offering services to individuals interested in employment and training opportunities,” said Sharon Hannon, Interim Marketing Director. “We are happy to talk with families and individuals about alternatives that Goodwill can offer for the Jackson Center participants.”

For more information about Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, visit their website at www.hamiltondds.org. To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s comprehensive array of programs and services, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.
Goodwill is thankful to Hamilton County DD Services for their kind invitation to share information about the organization’s programs and services with interested families.