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Ohio Valley Goodwill Celebrates Queen Bees at 2023 Bee-Tique

Team Goodwill at the 2023 Goodwill Bee-Tique

With thousands of Greater Cincinnati women flying around downtown in anticipation of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the 2023 Queen Bee Half Marathon this year, the Goodwill Bee-Tique was a beehive of activity on Friday, October 13th. The ever-popular Goodwill ” Bee-Tique” was swarmed by eager Queen Bee’s who love the running gear at unbeatable prices. “This is such a good idea,” and “This is the first place I go,” were some of the many comments noted by Goodwill Bee-Tique fans during the day-long Expo event.

Sharon Hannon, Marketing Director and Jen Newcomb, Friend and Goodwill fan at the finish line!

This year’s Queen Bee followed its usual scenic route through Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods including Eden Park and other landmark communities which ended in a big post-race celebration event at Sawyer Point. More than 6000 athletes buzzed around the post-event party which is designed to be the crowning touch for all of the Queen Bee participants. As a Royal Sponsor of the event, Ohio Valley Goodwill is delighted to be part of this exciting health and wellness celebration which designed to empower women in the Greater Cincinnati community.

For more than a century, Goodwill has been a vital member of the Greater Cincinnati community helping more than 2000 people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans annually to achieve personal success. ” Goodwill is proud of being a sponsor and supporter of the 10th annual Queen Bee Half Marathon,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Director and Event Coordinator. ” Our most sincere congratulations to all of the 2023 Queen Bee participants and to Pig Works on the 10th Anniversary Celebration!”