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Ohio Valley Goodwill Announces New Partnership with ReSupply 

Cincinnati, OH ·· October 30, 2023 ·· Ohio Valley Goodwill Announces New Partnership with Veteran Owned and Operated ReSupply. 

Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to announce a new Donation partnership with ReSupply, a veteran owned and operated company to provide priority pick-up service. Resupply offers a home donation pickup service for the convenience of local donors. Donors pay a small fee and can book pickups in the following ways:

The ReSupply team will arrive on the requested pickup date and take all of the items that the donor wants to donate. Donated items will be taken to a local Goodwill Attended Donation Center. ReSupply’s system will automatically email the donor an electronic tax receipt. 

ReSupply schedules pickups within 48 hours and will retrieve items from anywhere in the home. Most importantly, ReSupply ensures that donated items are re-used responsibly, diverted from area landfills and help to support Ohio Valley Goodwill’s 107 year old mission of helping to empower people with disabilities, our nation’s veterans and others with barriers to employment. 

“We look forward to this new partnership with ReSupply to make donating responsibly more convenient for our generous donors,” said Jeff Eastham, Vice President of Operations. 

Visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate for more information about ReSupply.