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Ohio Valley Goodwill and PigAbilities Receive Blacksmith Award of Excellence from PRSA!

L to R: Dawn Freudenberg, Ann Myres, Sharon Hannon, Christy Monsson, Jeanette Kiely, Ryan Braun, Lisa Danford.

The evening of November 16th marked the occasion of the 2023 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Awards. Ohio Valley Goodwill was honored to be included as a guest by long-time partner and friend, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS). PigAbilities, the signature event Ohio Valley Goodwill is the proud Title Sponsor of, was nominated for an Award of Excellence, by HCDDS. The campaign in support of PigAbilities was captioned “Ready to Fly: Promoting PigAbilities and the Movement for Inclusion.” Goodwill Team Members, Sharon Hannon, Marketing Director and PigAbilities Coordinator, Kelly Schoembs, Vice President of Human Resources and Zoltan von Dienes-Oehm, Digital Media Manager were all on hand for the prestigious event alongside HCDDS team members, Ryan Braun, Lisa Danford (Communications team), Dawn Freudenberg, as well as Ann Myres and Christy Monsson, who have facilitated the Training Meet-Up events in support of PigAbilities athletes. Joining the group as an honored guest was Jeanette Kiely from the Pig Works Team. Goodwill has worked in partnership and collaboratively with everyone in attendance to promote and support PigAbilities and the inclusion of athletes of all abilities as part of the annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

This year’s PRSA Awards event was filled with recognition opportunities for all in attendance with Children’s Hospital receiving a majority for their campaign in support of being named #1 in the country. Hamilton County DD Services received the Award of Excellence for Media and Publicity as well as their website and navigation tools for transition youth and families.

Ohio Valley Goodwill was so pleased and honored to be singled out for recognition by PRSA for its support of the PigAbilities event and commitment to inclusion for athletes of all abilities. The award took particular note of the collaboration between HCDDS, Pig Works and Goodwill in supporting and promoting PigAbilities and the movement for inclusion of all.

Our most sincere thanks to all of our partners and friends for the nomination of PigAbilities for this important recognition as well as for their ongoing collaboration and support of Goodwill’s mission of community inclusion. Find out more about our 107 year old mission of service at www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/about.

Ann Myres, Christy Monsson, Jeanette Kiely and Sharon Hannon, Blacksmith Award of Excellence