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Your Office Supply Donation Helps Cincinnati – #7DaysOfSpringCleaning: Day Five

Ohio Valley Goodwill is helping Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents ring in the Spring by clearing out their closets. Every item donated to Goodwill is put to use in local communities, but making a donation benefits donors too! An uncluttered living space reduces stress, and Goodwill wants to make removing your clutter completely stress-free. We’ve launched our #7DaysOfSpringCleaning event to make it easy for Cincinnati residents to donate their unused but useful items to Goodwill. Every day, we suggest an item to donate and offer some advice to make parting with your possessions a bit easier. Join us in our mission to make room for Spring and make a difference in Greater Cincinnati.

Comp1Day 5: Clear Your Office

TGIS, thank goodness it’s Spring! Work can be stressful enough without the stresses of Winter. After months of hibernation, it is time to wake up and embrace change. Like the season itself, we suggest you start with little changes. Donating your unused pens and pencils to Ohio Valley Goodwill can be just like the first crocuses poking through the hard earth. Pads of paper can pile up on desks like snow drifts; let that clutter melt away by donating your paper. The office supplies you donate to Goodwill will help local community members find jobs. Those jobs will pay them, and they will add money to the local economy. As the economy improves, you will need to get more office supplies. It is a karmic win-win! You get the joy of donating, the peace of mind that comes from a clutter- free workspace and, later, the chance to buy brand new office supplies. With a clean workspace, you will have peace of mind to contemplate the community-wide butterfly effect of donating office supplies to Ohio Valley Goodwill. Until then, take our word for it: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

After you donate, take a picture of yourself and tag it with #7DaysOfSpringCleaning. Upload it to your favorite social network, and let karma reward your good deed.