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Nino Giancola’s 20th anniversary

Nino sitting in a chair wearing a new leather jacket
Nino Giancola wearing his anniversary jacket

Nino Giancola is celebrating his 20 year anniversary at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. His current title is Work Adjustment Technician but Nino has had a variety of different roles and positions during his 20 years at Goodwill. While there have been a lot of different job titles over the years, all have involved working directly with the individuals with Developmental Disabilities whom the organization serves. Nino explains that he is grateful for the many experiences he has had at Goodwill and he feels that his true calling in life is to help people and specifically, individuals with disabilities. He finds great joy in helping people to overcome barriers to community employment and move forward in their lives. 

In his 20 years at Goodwill, Nino spent five years as a Program Manager working with individuals on their personal and vocational goals and coordinating services with the larger teams. He also managed the Work Transition program for eight years which provided a supportive environment for adults with Autism. In this role, he learned a lot about creating effective communication tools and providing structure individualized to each person he and his team were serving. While Nino reflects that the experience was a challenge, he was able to grow professionally and learned a lot about how to support individuals appropriately.

Nino also has had experiences in job development working with Goodwill’s Employment Services department and specifically in Career Planning where he would take individuals into the community and support them in making community connections and working with their larger teams to move them forward on the path to employment. This later turned into an opportunity to learn about Job Coaching and how to support individuals in community employment. Currently, Nino is happily serving in his role as a Technician working directly with individuals on their personal goals and supporting their individual success. 

“I have a lot of very fond memories of all my experiences at Goodwill. I’ve made a lot of great friends and really cherish my opportunities to work with the individuals we serve.” 

Goodwill Assistant Director of DD Services, Lisa Schneider, was enthusiastic in her praise for Nino as well as all members of her team. “It is so exciting when someone like Nino attains a professional milestone of this type- his dedication and passion for the individuals he supports is to be admired and commended. I am grateful to Nino for his service and applaud him for 20 years of tenure!” 

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Nino on his 20 years of service and thanks him for his exceptional dedication and commitment to the individuals the organization serves. 

Ps. The jacket looks great on you!