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The Next Generation of Recycling, Brought to You by Goodwill

Ohio Valley Goodwill has been the go-to source for recycling and reusing products of all kinds for nearly one hundred years. We have literally come to embody the idea that one person’s would-be trash can easily become another persons thrift-shop treasure. Reusing products is, of course, the greenest possible form of recycling. Some products, electronics in particular, cannot simply be reused.

Electronics must be processes in order to salvage their component materials for use in the next generation of gadgetry. Increasingly rare materials such as rare earth elements are crucial to today’s digital technology, and harvesting them from past generations of electronics is a promising option. Recycling these components come with environmental risks, however. If not done properly, electronics recycling can cause environmental pollution and damage. Goodwill Industries is taking the lead nationwide in ensuring that electronics recycling operations continue to meet the needs of our changing society and our fragile biosphere.

Last week, Goodwill announced it is joining nine other companies in launching the Responsible Recycling (R2) Leader program. This group will establish industry best practices for environmental health and safety in electronics recycling and recognize the firms that meet and exceed these standards. Goodwill is committed to making the world a better place to live.

Ohio Valley Goodwill takes your donations and turns them into jobs for individuals with disabilities. We ensure products continue to fill needs in our communities rather than space in landfills. The R2 Leader program is our next step in serving a global community, even as we continue our mission of local service.

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