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New Year, New You!

 It’s OUT with this old and IN with the new at Ohio Valley Goodwill! .

What are your resolutions this year? 

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to declutter. But how do you get started? Here’s a few ideas.

Starting big can be overwhelming and demotivational because it’s hard to see results quickly. We suggest beginning in a small space or room, such as a bathroom or closet.  Check expiration dates on all items and toss anything expired. Go through each item and ask yourself when was the last time you used it. Daily? Monthly? If it’s been more than six months, consider getting rid of it. 

If it’s linens, clothing or household items put them in a box or bag and place next to your front door immediately. Better yet, put it in the trunk of your car. That way you can get it out of your house quickly and take it to the nearest Goodwill the next time you’re out. 

If this seems too overwhelming try this: give yourself a 30 day decluttering challenge. On day 1, declutter one item. On day two, declutter two items, on day three, three items, etc., etc., until you reach day thirty and get rid of thirty items. Use the same methods to declutter as mentioned above. When have you used this last? Will you miss this item? Declutter accordingly. 

 Goodwill is accepting clothing, toys, electronics, household items and more! Without the generosity of individuals like yourself, Ohio Valley Goodwill would not be able to provide vocational training and job support services for individuals with disabilities as well as housing support for our nation’s veterans. We appreciate your donations!

Both our stores and donation centers are ready to accept your donations. Find the nearest location here.