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New Year, New You! How Goodwill Helps You Stick to Your Resolutions

2021 is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for a fresh start in the new year! Now is a time when many people start setting goals and making resolutions for the year ahead. What do you want to accomplish this year?

If you’re looking for ideas, here are five great New Year’s resolutions and how Goodwill can help you achieve them:

Resolution #1: Stay on a Budget

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make is to save more money. To do so, it’s important to follow a budget and shop smart whenever you can. Goodwill can help you with this goal!

Clothing racks at Mason Goodwill Store

Clothing racks at Mason Goodwill Store

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we offer everyday low prices so you can get more for your money with every shopping trip. From clothes for the family to accessories, shoes, home goods, and more, you can find amazing items at affordable prices when you shop at Goodwill.





Resolution #2: Focus on Fitness

Another common New Year’s goal is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you’re new to fitness or just getting back into a regular workout routine, Ohio Valley Goodwill has what you need to get started!

Mannequin dressed in blue athletic jacket and blue leggings

Blue athleisure outfit from Goodwill

Mannequin dressed in pink, blue, green, and yellow printed tank top with pink athletic shorts.

Pink athleisure outfit from Goodwill

Browse Goodwill’s DVD selection for workout videos ranging from aerobics to yoga to Pilates. Or, check out our clothing section to look for activewear and athleisure clothing from some of the top brand names. Goodwill even receives donated sporting equipment and fitness gear so you can build your perfect at-home gym for less!




Resolution #3: Eat a Balanced Diet

Along with working out, it’s a great goal to start eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet. But all too often, eating healthy is easier said than done! One way to make healthier choices is to plan and prepare your meals in advance. Each week, make all your meals and store them in individual containers that you grab and go.

Glass jars from Goodwill

Glass Jars from Goodwill

Ohio Valley Goodwill has a wide array of reusable containers, water bottles, and lunch boxes to make meal prep quick and easy. We also have a range of cooking and baking supplies for less than you’ll find in traditional stores. Make this the year to get creative in the kitchen and try new recipes!






Resolution #4: Cut Back on Screen Time

We can all use a break from our computer, TV, tablet, and phone screens once in a while. If you’re trying to cut back on screen time in 2021, Goodwill has all the entertainment options you’re looking for!

Books on a shelf

Books from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Ready to tackle your reading list? Head to our book section to pick up a best-selling novel or educational non-fiction book. Or, how about a family game night? Ohio Valley Goodwill has board games, puzzles, and toys for kids of all ages! If you’re into arts and crafts, Goodwill has what you need, too. Shop around for items you can repurpose for crafting projects, like gently used fabric, glass jars, wall art, and photo frames.

 Resolution #5: Get Organized

Having a clean and well-organized home is a great feeling, and the new year can give you the motivation you need to get started. While you sort through your stuff, you’ll likely find items you don’t need or want anymore. Instead of throwing these items away, donate them to Goodwill! We make it quick and easy to donate clothes and other home goods in Cincinnati. If organizing your entire home feels too overwhelming, tackle just one room or closet at a time. You’ll gain momentum as you go!

Graphic with text: Get organized! Donate and make a difference in your community

Get organized with Goodwill!










Embrace the ” New You” with Goodwill!

As you can see, Goodwill has everything you need to start the new year off on the right foot. Get ready for an amazing, productive year by shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill and donating your unwanted goods while you’re at it!

Did you know? Ohio Valley Goodwill is more than a thrift store in Cincinnati; we’re a local non-profit on a mission to change lives through the power of work! This means that when you shop at Goodwill, you’re also helping us provide job skills training and employment services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans.

We have a network of retail stores in and around Greater Cincinnati for your thrift shopping convenience. Locate a Goodwill store near you and plan your next thrift shopping trip!