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It’s Never Too Late to Create Your Own Monster for Halloween at Goodwill!

It’s only days away from all things bewitching, haunting and otherwise, monstrous but luckily for you, Goodwill can help you create your own monster even at this late date! Need a Little Costume Help? Look no further than the costume generator on Goodwill’s online Halloween Headquarters, Goodwill.org/Halloween.

Here, you’ll find three types of costume generators to help you ” Be Your Own Monster.” Type in your initials, use the ” randomizer” or see what the personality quiz turns up. Then, visit a Goodwill store to find your costume, which will not only be unique, but will help create jobs and build communities.

For almost 100 years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been helping local trick or treaters create their own unique Halloween costumes and at the best prices in town! The best part is, while you’re creating that look is only you, you’re helping put people to work in our community. Each year, Goodwill helps thousands of people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to receive skill training and get jobs in our community and that’s a good thing! Just by showing a little creativity and being your own monster this Halloween, you can help someone else in Greater Cincinnati…and that’s hauntingly wonderful! For a complete list of Goodwill store locations, visit www.goodwillbargains.com and Happy Halloween!!!