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4 Must-Have Accessories for the Spring 2022 Season

This spring, put away those chunky sweaters and overcoats, and welcome fresh style into your wardrobe! The 2022 spring season is all about how you accessorize.

Top to bottom, Ohio Valley Goodwill is your go-to Cincinnati thrift store for fashion trends that will make you feel in style for seasons to come.

Here are four accessories to help you elevate your look this spring:

Gold jewelry from Goodwill
Gold jewelry from Goodwill

#1: Chunky Chains & Statement Gold

Layering necklaces is still on trend, but those layers are getting chunkier. Look for link chains with some heft, and layer them with pearls or jewels. If the neckline of your shirt or blouse is higher, consider choker necklaces. They’ll stand out higher on your neck and collarbone, so you don’t have to worry about chains that twist or sit awkwardly with your top. When choosing earrings, look for statement pieces that are large and in charge! Bold, gold, statement earrings are definitely on-trend this season.

#2: Loafers

For spring, loafers are a nice choice with trousers or skirts – and much more comfortable than heels. This style can swing more masculine with a traditional leather penny loafer, but you can also find more feminine versions with brighter colors and softer materials. Thrifting a nice pair of loafers from Goodwill in Cincinnati is a great way to invest in a classic style you can wear for years to come.

#3: Casual Totes

Stylists are opting for more casual, slouchy totes with plenty of room inside to carry everything you might need. Going back to the office? Forget your structured bag and choose something roomy to throw over your shoulder. You’ll have no trouble slinging your laptop, phone, gym clothes, and more over your shoulder!

#4: Bright Colors

It seems like every article of clothing and accessory this spring has pumped up the color! Designers have splashed bright pink, orange, green, and blue on everything, and it’s keeping this spring’s styles vibrant to say the least. Adding saturated color to your wardrobe can act as an outfit accessory on its own. If you’re a believer that less is more, start with colorful shoes or sunglasses to dip your toe in this trend before you fully dive in.

Save On These Trends When You Shop at Goodwill

Staying on top of the latest trends doesn’t have to be a budget buster. Accessories can easily be thrifted and incorporated into your current wardrobe for a fresh new look. Your Cincinnati-area Goodwill is a great place to get started!

Find the store nearest you and take a look around. Play around with a few on-trend pieces that speak to your personal style, and have some fun this spring!