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Your Movie and Video Game Donations Help Cincinnati – #7DaysOfSpringCleaning: Day Six

Spring has nearly sprung, and Ohio Valley Goodwill wants to help spring you from the prison of Winter clutter. Our #7DaysOfSpringCleaning campaign is now in full effect. For the last five days, we have been offering up tips and tricks to help Cincinnati residents donate clothes, electronics and more to Goodwill. We take these old possessions and turn them into jobs, training and services for individuals with disabilities. In return, our donors get a dose of good vibes, the possibility of writing their donation off their taxes and the peace of mind that comes with a clean living space. If you missed the first five days, don’t worry. The details for each day are linked at the bottom of this post. So, join us now for #7DaysOfSpringCleaning.

Comp1Day 6: Provide Quality Entertainment

A hard Winter can be paradise for an escapist. Why would you worry about a -30 ° wind chill when you have the latest video games, movies and a big fluffy blanket? This Winter, in particular, has been packed with great entertainment: a bevy of Oscar-worthy cinema, the release of two next generation video game consoles, new episodes of Downton Abbey  and  Doctor Who… the list goes on. All great bouts of lethargy must come to an end, however. It is almost Spring. Time to dust off the old running shoes, open the windows to the sun and get ready to return from hibernation. Just remember *SPOILERS* not everyone has enjoyed the same great entertainment as you. The good news is: Ohio Valley Goodwill can help you fix that. Donate your old movies and video games, and do some good for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky while  removing the temptation to continue your T.V. binge. It won’t actually rot your brain, but can spoil your enjoyment of the beautiful Spring blossoming all over the Ohio Valley. We’re giving you the chance to create your own adventure, and it starts with a trip to your local Goodwill donation location.

Remember to upload a picture of you and your donation to your favorite social network with the hashtag #7DaysOfSpringCleaning!