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"Metro Brings New Access Buses to Ohio Valley Goodwill to Introduce New Look"


Ohio Valley Goodwill was delighted to have Metro visit the facility and bring along their newly designed Access  buses that will be put into service on February 1st.   Access is changing its logo and design to make their vehicles look more like the Metro family.   As Access replaces old buses in the future, more new Access  vehicles will be replaced with the new look.   Until all current Access vehicles are replaced in coming years, Access buses will have two different designs: the one with the red/blue logo and the one with the blue/green logo. “It was exciting to have Metro bring out the new Access  buses so that our consumers who ride the vans could see first-hand the new changes and design that will soon be implemented,” said Leslie McCurley, Goodwill’s Assistant Director of Rehabilitation.   Access will be offering the same service – just a new look so riders can still expect the same service from the Metro family.   Three new vehicles will be put in service beginning on February 1st.   Ohio Valley Goodwill appreciates the continuing service that it receives from Metro and Access.