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Let’s Get Spooky! 5 Thrifty Halloween Costume Ideas

Trick-or-treat season is right around the corner, so it’s time to imagine the spooky possibilities! This year, ditch the boring and expensive store-bought costumes and opt for something more imaginative, sustainable, and unique!

Here are 5 costume ideas you can easily create with some Goodwill thrift store shopping:

#1: Sock Hop

The iconic ’50s sock-hop look is simple to recreate with Goodwill finds. Start with the poodle skirt created from any mid-length skirt and paired with a cardigan and pearls. Saddle shoes or sneakers and a neck scarf complete the look. And if you really want to be authentic, find or print a poodle outline to add to the skirt! If skirts aren’t your thing, opt for dark jeans and a simple white t-shirt and slick back your hair. 

Roaring 20s female dressed in flapper dress from Goodwill

#2: Hollywood Glam

Small girl dressed as farmer in Goodwill clothes

For a vintage glam costume, find a little black dress, black heels, pearls, black sunglasses, and gloves. You could even add a faux fur shawl! This look is easily recognizable and simple to recreate with thrift store items. You’ll be signing autographs all night!

#3: Farmer

If you were hoping for a more laid-back costume this year, the farmer is a perfect pick for people of all ages! Pair overalls with a flannel shirt and work boots. You could even add a straw hat and chew on some wheat. This costume is perfect for cooler Halloween nights because you can easily wear layers underneath.

#4: Witch or Wizard

Let's Get Witchy two girls dressed as witches for Halloween
Let’s Get Witchy two girls dressed as witches for Halloween

It doesn’t take much to transform yourself into a witch or wizard. Start with dark clothing; whatever you can find at your nearest Goodwill. Dark-colored pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt could work, or you could wear a black dress and tights. Complete the costume with a cape! Capes are simple to make out of thrifted table cloths or sheets. Carry a wand or stick you found in the backyard and wear dark boots.

#5: Werewolf

Create a werewolf costume by ripping up a thrifted flannel shirt and a pair of jeans! Using a razor blade or pair of scissors, make cuts all over the clothing, then rough them up so the cuts start to fray. Werewolves are wild, so it wouldn’t hurt to rub them in the dirt too! Tease your hair and add makeup to make your face look dirty, and you’re ready to howl at the moon!  

Create Your Favorite Halloween Character at Goodwill

The costume possibilities are endless at Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores because you never know what you’ll find. Find your nearest Goodwill store and start shopping now and come back often to secure the Halloween costume that all the trick-or-treaters will be talking about this year!

When you thrift at Goodwill, you make it possible for individuals with disabilities in our community to have access to job skills training and employment opportunities that lead to personal fulfillment. Thanks for celebrating Halloween at Ohio Valley Goodwill!