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Let Your Resolution Turn Into Someone Else’s Job Solution!

Donation image 2016By organizing your home and donating items to Goodwill ®, you can be a job creator

Are you having trouble coming up with a good new year’s resolution “” one that you’ll actually stick to this time? Don’t worry! Goodwill has just the incentive for starting off the new year right, with a resolution that will help you “” and your neighbors, too. By clearing out the clutter from your home and donating unwanted items to Ohio Valley Goodwill you can help fund job training programs and services right in your local community. To find all 31 Greater Cincinnati Goodwill donation locations, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate.

” The new year is a great time to resolve to clean out unwanted items from your home,” said Lorie Marrero, founder of the Clutter Diet ® and Goodwill spokesperson. ” It’s also a time of year when many people set out to find new jobs or career paths. Thanks to Goodwill, many people can make good on their de-cluttering resolutions this year “” and it all centers on donations.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill is actually celebrating its 100th anniversary of helping people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get jobs in the community this year! Thanks to the generous donation support of the Greater Cincinnati community over the past century, thousands of our citizens have been helped to receive skill training and employment assistance.

” Your donations to Goodwill have a direct, positive impact on the lives of people in your community,” said Joe Byrum, president and CEO of Ohio Valley Goodwill ” By donating just two bags of clothing and an electronic appliance  you no longer need, you can help fund eight hours of classes for someone searching for a job. Every donation helps.” 100th Goodwill Logo FA outlined


Thank you Greater Cincinnati for helping Goodwill to put people to work for  the past  100 years! We are grateful for your support! As you move forward on keeping your New Year’s resolutions this year, start by de-cluttering, donating  and helping put people to work! It’s a good thing!

To find our more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s century of service, visit our interactive timeline at https://www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/100th-anniversary-timeline/