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Let Goodwill be Your Halloween Shopping HQ This Year!

Halloween cute kid costumes!

Pumpkin costume


Devil halloween costumeWith an ever-changing selection of creative costumes for your little trick or treater this year, Ohio Valley Goodwill can be your go-to destination for Halloween shopping! You can find everything you need to create the trendiest look that’s just perfect for your little monster. Whether you have a little one that’s just learning about the fun of this seasonal event or a more practiced Halloween expert, Goodwill can be the place to find that hauntingly memorable look. The best part is that when you shop Goodwill, you not only save but you are re-using and recycling… a very “green” thing to do!

With 15 conveniently located stores, our friendly team of Halloween costume designers, will be happy to help you find everything you need for this year’s trick or treat fest. For a complete list of store locations, visit www.goodwillbargains.com. Check out your local Goodwill store today and indulge your creativity in coming up with the absolute best Halloween costume ever!