Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Kitting Services in Cincinnati – Ohio Valley Goodwill Does That!

Businesses looking for kitting services in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana should know: Ohio Valley Goodwill is an economical and high quality provider of kitting services.

Because Goodwill seeks to offer employment and job training to as many individuals with disabilities as we can, we have the workforce capacity to accomplish any kitting task by hand. Kitting services done by hand offer many benefits over other methods of kitting. Changes to the process can be made quickly and more inexpensively, no special machines are needed to fulfill orders, scale can be increased or decreased with less overhead and complex procedures can be adopted more easily.

Ohio Valley Goodwill has years of experience performing kitting operations for the Ford Motor Company, and even invested in infrastructure to strengthen that relationship moving forward. Goodwill’s #1 goal is to provide positive employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They receive coaching, training and supervision as they perform fulfilling work. For many of those we serve, kitting services is more than a job, it is the opportunity to interact with the world in a constructive way.

Kitting Services? Goodwill does that! Contact us now to see what we can do for you.