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Top 6 Kitchen Gadgets You Don’t Actually Need

It’s a kitchen dream come true! A chopped salad in seconds or a quesadilla that’s perfectly toasted on each side ““ how could your culinary life get any better, right?

Let’s get real about all those kitchen gadgets you just had to have, but now they’re taking up valuable space in your kitchen. Maybe you don’t need them after all! Here are the top six gadgets that could be currently clogging up your kitchen drawers:

#1. Garlic Press

A garlic press might seem like a must-have for Italian dinner nights, but the truth is they’re hard to clean and not any better than a good old chef’s knife.

#2. Specialty Slicers

Whether it promises to perfectly slice an avocado, an egg, or vegetables, it’s taking up too much kitchen space. Again, you already have knives that can get the job done!

#3. The Spaghetti Claw

For some reason, we were sold the idea that this odd-looking tool was absolutely necessary for pasta night. In reality, it takes up space in the spoon holder, stops your drawers from opening properly, and doesn’t even work well. The pasta tends to slip right off the claws and through the hole in the middle. Kitchen tongs do a much better job and are more versatile.

#4. Herb Scissors

Yes, this tool allows you to snip more herbs with each sweep, but once again, you’re left with a tool that’s singularly focused. Kitchen shears or a good chef’s knife gets the job done just as quickly and can be used for other jobs too.

#5. Quesadilla Maker

Unless you eat quesadillas every day, this gadget is completely unnecessary. It takes up precious countertop space and is hard to clean. Use a skillet instead!

#6. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

With its specially-shaped egg cooker and English muffin toaster, the breakfast sandwich maker can be large and cumbersome, especially if you don’t use it regularly. You can easily achieve a delicious start to your day with a skillet and toaster, all while enjoying a less cluttered kitchen.

Waffle maker from Goodwill
Waffle maker from Goodwill

De-Gadget Your Kitchen

Do you have any of these gimmicky gadgets taking up space in your kitchen? If so, it’s time to say goodbye. Pack them up, find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill Donation Center, and make a donation. Maybe they’ll fall into the hands of a true breakfast sandwich connoisseur who has too much countertop space!

Instead of single-use gadgets, stick with the tried-and-true kitchen tools that can be put to use in many ways. The average cook can get by with just a skillet, a large pot, a cutting board, and a good chef’s knife.

If you’re missing any of these staples, you don’t have to spend a lot to add them to your kitchen. Head to your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill Thrift Store in Cincinnati and pick up high-quality tools that won’t overfill your drawers or clutter up your counters. Happy simplified cooking!