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3 Kid-Friendly Crafts That Are Perfect for Snow Days

Snow days are exciting for children! But after a few hours, it’s easy for them to become bored. One great way to keep your children entertained on lazy snow days is by making a craft together. Here are a few kid-approved DIY projects that are perfect to try when your family is cooped up indoors on a snow day:

Two Picture frames displayed on a shelf

Picture frames displayed at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Upcycled picture frames

Most kids love to display their artwork, but it’s not always easy to find a place in your home to showcase their creations. This winter, why not make a special display wall for your child’s artwork? First, shop at Goodwill for photo frames in all shapes and sizes at discount prices. For a cohesive look, paint the frames with a fresh coat of color. Then, remove the glass and backing from the frame and replace it with a piece of corkboard. This way, you can easily pin up your child’s latest masterpieces and swap out new artwork every month or so!

Goodwill collage with text: "DIY Gifts Made From Thrifted Knitwear"

DIY Knitwear Gifts

DIY projects from thrifted knitwear

Winter is a time to be warm and cozy, and there’s nothing cozier than a knitted sweater! But did you know that knitwear can be repurposed into some great gifts, too? For a quick DIY project to make with children, use scraps from a sweater to create coffee mug cozies. Ohio Valley Goodwill has a great selection of sweaters in different colors that you can easily repurpose, along with plenty of mugs at budget-friendly prices! All you need to do is cut a strip from the sleeve of a knit sweater and stitch the edges together around the shape of the mug. For a finishing touch, attach ribbon or buttons to the outside of the cozy. If you’re planning on making your cozies for someone as a gift, include a gift card to a local coffee shop. It’s an easy yet thoughtful present that anyone is sure to appreciate!

Two wicker baskets on a shelf

Wicker baskets

Creative gift wrapping ideas

Instead of purchasing new rolls of wrapping paper for holiday gifts this year, think outside the box and use supplies from Goodwill! For example, shop at Goodwill for gently used comic books and use the pages to wrap small gifts. It’s a fun alternative to traditional paper gift wrap and a great way to teach your children about recycling. Another creative way to wrap gifts for any occasion is by putting together a DIY gift basket. You can find a variety of baskets at Ohio Valley Goodwill for far less than traditional retail prices. Kids will love filling the basket with small gifts centered around a theme such as a spa day or movie night. Once you’ve placed your items in the basket, wrap the entire basket in cellophane for a beautiful way to display your gift.

Save money while purchasing supplies for wintertime crafts by shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill! We are your go-to destination to round up affordable and unique supplies for your crafting needs. And with our ever-changing inventory, you never know what you might find in one of our stores to inspire your next DIY project.

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