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Keep Neighbors Warm This Winter: Donate Coats to Goodwill!

That chill in the air can only mean one thing: Winter has arrived! With freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow on the way, most of us are already reaching for our warmest parkas, gloves, scarves, and hats.

Here at Ohio Valley Goodwill, we often see winter coats and outerwear in high demand in our retail stores during the winter months. That’s because we’re able to offer these gently-loved items for amazing prices, making purchases much more affordable than traditional department and discount stores.

Smart shoppers know to make Goodwill their first stop for coats and outerwear for the entire family””that’s why we need your help this winter! Now is an excellent time of year to sort through your closets and donate your preowned coats, and Goodwill makes it easy.

Here are some fantastic reasons to donate your coats and outerwear this winter:

Mother and son sorting clothes in cardboard boxes to donate to Goodwill

Tidy up and donate to Goodwill!

You’ll declutter your closets

Are bulky coats taking up space in your closets? Have your children outgrown last year’s outerwear? Does your current coat no longer match your style? If so, it’s time to declutter and donate to Goodwill! You’ll find that once those extra coats are gone, you’ll have much more room in your closets.






Gray winter coat on mannequin with pink pants

Donate coats to Goodwill

You’ll help your neighbors stay warm without spending a ton

Maybe you’ve taken good care of your coat, but it’s time to upgrade to something new. Consider donating your preowned coat to Goodwill, where it will be loved again by someone else! After we collect your donations, we prepare them for resale in our network of retail stores. Our items are always priced affordably so local shoppers can get an incredible deal and stay safe and warm this winter.

Donate for the Earth goodwill graphic

Donate for the Earth

You’ll protect the planet

When you donate coats to Goodwill instead of throwing them away, you’re doing a good deed for others and the planet! Each year, Ohio Valley Goodwill recycles millions of pounds of donated textiles, keeping them out of our local landfills where they may take years to fully break down. So, even if your coat is missing a button or two, donate it to Goodwill and don’t throw it out! Someone else is sure to give your gently-used items a new life and a new purpose.

You’ll create jobs in your community

Donating to Goodwill isn’t just a great way to declutter, reuse, and recycle; it’s also a way to make a difference within your community! When your donated items are sold in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s retail stores, the revenue generated helps to support programs that provide vital job skills training and employment services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Every time you donate to Goodwill or shop in one of our stores, you’re supporting our mission to change lives through the power of work!

Goodwill Logo: We Put People to Work!

Goodwill Logo: We Put People to Work!

This winter, your coat and cold-weather clothing donations will make an impact in more ways than one. Not only will they help fund local job training, but they will also provide a budget-friendly way for your neighbors to stay warm during the colder months. To find your nearest donation site or retail store, please click here.