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This Veterans Day, Join Goodwill in Honoring and Supporting Our Military

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we recognize the importance of honoring and supporting our nation’s veterans on Veterans Day and every day of the year. With more than 20 million veterans in the United States and many living right here in the Greater Cincinnati area, there’s no shortage of returning veterans who need support as they transition back to civilian life.

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Many veterans experience complex challenges and emotional struggles that affect their ability to find jobs and successfully reintegrate back into their communities after returning from service. Along with physical disabilities and psychological distress such as post-traumatic stress disorder, millions of returning veterans also face the difficulties of homelessness and financial instability.

How Ohio Valley Goodwill helps veterans

Veterans Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the many sacrifices made by members of our nation’s armed services, but it’s also a time to consider how we can give back and support returning veterans. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we’re dedicated to helping veterans in our community every single day.

Ohio Valley Goodwill works with veterans to help them build the skills they need to rejoin the workforce and ensure long-term financial stability for themselves and their families. We’re proud to participate in the Cincinnati’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects (HVRP), which provide veterans with skills training, career planning, and job placement support, along with assistance in finding safe and affordable housing. Residential programs, counseling, food, clothing,  and monetary assistance are also available for those who qualify. Funders for Homeless Veterans programs include the Department of Labor and the Veterans Administration.

Join Ohio Valley Goodwill in supporting veterans

Every time you donate your gently-used items to Ohio Valley Goodwill or shop in one of our retail stores, you’re helping us fulfill our mission to help local veterans achieve personal and vocational success. Thanks to the support of community members like you, Ohio Valley Goodwill helped nearly 900 veterans in the local Greater Cincinnati area in 2017! If you’re looking for an easy way to give back to local veterans in honor of Veterans Day, we encourage you to consider making a donation to Goodwill and join us in supporting those who have served our country.

View the complete list of our donation sites and check out our list of items we can accept before donating. Thank you for helping Ohio Valley Goodwill make a difference for the veterans and military families in our community!

If you are a homeless veteran or know of a veteran experiencing homelessness and would like additional information about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s services for veterans, please call 513-631-4500.