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Is it Time to Outsource? 3 Questions to Ask as a Business Owner

Outsourcing is a popular strategy for businesses of all industries. It involves contracting with a third party to take care of time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. By outsourcing these tasks instead of handling them in-house or hiring new employees, companies can improve efficiency, lower operational costs, and focus on core competencies so they can continue to grow.

Are you wondering if outsourcing is a smart strategy for your business? Here are three questions that will help you determine if the time is right for outsourcing:

Do you need to lower costs?

Reducing overhead costs is one of the biggest reasons companies choose to outsource services. Especially in a time when many businesses are dealing with economic uncertainty, keeping costs low is a priority.

Outsourcing allows businesses to remain flexible and continue to grow— without the added costs of expanding their workforce. For example, maybe you’ve had to cut full-time employees, but you still have occasional busy seasons where extra labor is needed. Or, maybe you have the opportunity to take on new business but it’s not in the budget to purchase equipment, open a new location, or hire new employees. Outsourcing could be the right solution for you!

Are you having trouble keeping up with demand?

Another “growing pain” of running a business happens when demand increases faster than your current team can keep up. If you’re in this situation—or if you see big growth opportunities in the future—outsourcing is a smart strategy to consider.

Partnering with a reputable outsourcing company can help your business scale without compromising quality and speed. Outsourcing providers like Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division give businesses access to a larger pool of skilled workers so they can keep up with a rise in demand.

Do you need to focus on mission-critical functions?

Running a business involves many moving parts. Some of these functions are dynamic and directly related to your core business. Other tasks are still necessary but more routine, such as accounting, marketing, IT, product assembly, packaging, and fulfillment. The second tasks can be very time-consuming, but they’re still essential for your company to continue operating. If your business is growing quickly, you want your team to be able to focus all their attention on what they do best—their core competencies.

Outsourcing the more routine parts of running your business will allow you and your team to concentrate on these mission-critical functions and income-generating tasks. With less on your plate, you can spend more time on things like strategic planning and setting your business up for success.

Ready to make your business better through outsourcing?

Whether you need to cut costs, expand your capabilities, or refocus on core business tasks, outsourcing can help your business succeed. If you’re looking for quality outsourcing services in Cincinnati, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division!

We have over 100 years of experience offering quality contract labor services to some of the top businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. Our experienced team provides outsourcing services ranging from assembly and kitting services to quality packaging and fulfillment, helping businesses streamline operations while reducing costs and improving turnaround time. We offer a versatile operation that’s driven by human intelligence, meaning we can change direction at a moment’s notice to fit your needs and budget.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is an economical outsourcing option in Cincinnati for businesses of all sizes. But Goodwill is so much more than an outsourcing provider; we’re a reputable non-profit organization dedicated to providing meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. By partnering with Goodwill, your business contributes to our social mission that benefits job seekers right here in Greater Cincinnati.

Find out more about the benefits of outsourcing with Ohio Valley Goodwill today! Contact us to speak with our business development professionals and receive a free quote.